School of Healing Prayer

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We read in the Gospels how Jesus Christ went all over Israel bringing healing and deliverance. He also delegated his authority to his disciples, who also proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, raised the dead and cast out demons. We are Jesus’ disciples today and we want to see him do the same things wherever we go.

Saturday evenings we are studying the Scriptures and the materials on healing prayer by Charles and Frances Hunter, and by their daughter, Joan Hunter. We are excited to see Jesus answer prayers for healing.

For an outline of our studies you can go to

For further information, videos and resources check out

Recap: Fellowship Evening in Louisville, September 2009

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We meet monthly with people from different churches to have fellowship with God and each other. We meet at the home of Richard and Mary Thompson. Everyone comes with a desire to connect to God and each other.

View the photo gallery: Louisville Fellowship Evening, September 2009

A Real Country Baptism

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Katie is a new Christian from Russell Springs, Kentucky. She came to know the Lord personally a few months ago and has consistently desired to follow Him each day. She is a real joy as she expresses her love for the Lord.

On August 22, 2009, Katie was baptised by her pastor, Roger Wheat, from the Coffey Hill Friendship Church in Russell Springs.

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Thank you, Moving Crew!

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Life Connections International moved headquarters from Clinton, Connecticut, to Louisville, Kentucky in September 2008. We were grateful for the generous help provided by friends and brothers & sisters as well. We could not have accomplished such a move without them – thanks so much to you all!

Joel! Master Packer, Hero

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With Life Connections International making the cross country move, our challenge was to get everything out of the house and into the trailer. We needed a MASTER PACKER – Joel came just in time to meet the challenge – our HERO!!!

The Big Move: Sorting, Packing… Endless

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It’s September 2008, and we at Life Connections International were in the midst of boxes, bubble wrapped furniture, and dust bunnies…. loading up the truck to head to Louisville, Kentucky!

Moving from Connecticut to Kentucky was a big task – first we had to sort and pack boxes. The living room was a great place to do that. The walls started to disappear and be replaced by boxes!

Recap: Families in Transition Training, August 2008

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Families in Transition Training took place in Louisville, Kentucky, from August 14-15 2008. Tonya invited me to come to Russell Springs (3 hours south of Louisville) on October 3rd to speak at a women’s retreat at her church. God is in charge of Divine Encounters!!

Pauline, Tonya and Sue were three of the special women I met at the FIT training. They are all from various parts of Kentucky and will facilitate education programs for parents and children going through divorce. The FIT program is mandated by the State of Kentucky Court System.

Precious People: Ministry Trip to Austria, February 2008

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We began the ministry at the Mics home this time. They are Romanian refugees who have built this beautiful house with few resources, hard labor, and prayer. We prayed for God to bless their home and use it for His purposes and glory.

This is a new ladies group Sharon shared with when she visited Himberg. They all attend a new Church being planted in Schwechat. One of the ladies is expecting twins in the summer. She was not certain that they would be healthy. Many people prayed and believed God to answer.


Click here to meet more of the people and groups we ministered to during the ministry trip in February and March of 2008.

Where God Sends Me: A Map of Austria

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Here is a map of Austria. You can see the town of Baden in the East just south of Vienna. Near Baden is Tribuswinkel where Sharon stays with the Schaffer Family who have made their home available to her to use as a base for Ministry.

This is 30 Erlenweg, Tribuswinkel and the center for our Life Connections Ministry in Austria. From here, Sharon travels and ministers to small and larger women’s groups, Bible Studies, and counsels individuals as well as couples in the areas of Baden, Vienna, and Klosterneuburg which is Northwest of Vienna.

These ladies attend a women’s Bible Study in Baden and are eager to hear how they can know God better and experience His life. They have a desire to reach their neighbors and friends with the Gospel.

Traisen is near Linz. This Women’s Bible Study reaches out to neighbors, family and friends. One precious woman from Kosovo has come to know the Lord and continues to grow in her new found faith in Jesus Christ. It is joy to see the women open up and receive God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

The Freie Christengemeinde (Free Christian Church) has invited Sharon to speak each time she has been in Austria since 2006. Last time in October, 2007 Martin and Sharon brought a message together on the theme “Are you living under the spirit of slavery or the spirit of sonship?” The sisters and brothers in this church have a desire to reach their community for Christ.

Please Pray: Ministry in Austria, February 2008

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Our ministry is called Life Connections because we pray God will continue to use us to connect people to God who is the Giver of Life. As we know and walk with Him, we also become Life-givers in this world. There are so many who struggle and think they are living but do not know real Life. That is why God is sending me again to minister His love, truth, mercy and grace to people in Austria. I will be flying on February 13th and return on March 10th, 2008.

Please pray for God to connect me with the people He is calling to Life and to fit into His agenda for this time.