Seminar Participants learn Redemptive Gifts

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Sharon and Loretta completed a four-day seminar on the 7 Redemptive Gifts (Romans 12) and Overcoming the Victim Spirit at a seminar house south of Salzburg, Austria. Sharon said she had more work to do than usual by translating into German.
Here are some views of the seminar house run by a South African woman, who also reaches out with Intercessors for Austria. She left for home after the seminar to write a book.

Seminar House

Seminar House near Salzburg

Seminar House Kitchen

Seminar House Kitchen

Seminar House Meeting Room

Seminar House Meeting Room

Snow does not stop the Austria Ministry

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57 Flights into LaGuardia canceled, 5 able to land

If you schedule a flight in February, be ready to pray about the snow

For some 6 months Sharon has been working toward a month of ministry in February, 2011. Many things worked together to indicate the dates: an invitation to speak, Loretta Brown’s availability for an extended trip, personal appointments, and many more. Airline reservations and hotel rooms were just finalized when the weather reports announced a Monster Storm.

They projected snow over a 2,000 mile swath from the Midwest to the Northeast of the USA. Some 100,000,000 people would be affected. On Tuesday, February 1, the airlines cancelled 6,300 flights. Sharon’s flight from Louisville, Kentucky, to LaGuardia Airport, New York, was cancelled. Pray!

The airline made available a flight via Washington, D. C. Sharon was so relieved. Then she got to Washington and her flight was cancelled. As it turned out the one flight she needed was the only one to fly. Out of 57 flights scheduled to land at LaGuardia, only 5 made it! Guess what two people were on two of those planes: Sharon Van Horn and Loretta Brown!

God can make a way for us. It is a way of faith and perseverance.

I am reminded of a testimony by George Mueller of England sailing into New York harbor in the fog. The captain of the ship did not want to proceed because of the dangers of collision without sight. Mueller told him, “I have never been late to an appointment the Lord told me to make. He will provide a way for your ship.” Sure enough, the fog cleared just in time to allow Mueller’s ship to sail into New York and dock on time.