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2014 Newsletter

We would like to update you on Martin & Sharon Van Horn, on Divine Design Project and Local Houses of Prayer and Blessing


Psalm 103:5 talks of our experience of the Lord this year. “He keeps satisfying you with good things, and he keeps renewing your youth like the eagle’s.” We are getting older, but the Lord’s blessings keep us young.


Our granddaughter, Vienna, came in wearing a new t-shirt announcing “Big Sister.” That’s how Bekka announced she was pregnant with grandson, Asher (Hebrew for “blessed, happy”). As we have all been blessing his spirit, he lives up to his name, peaceful, happy and solid! He has been developing strongly since July 21.

Vienna at 2 years old is entertaining us with her personal imitations of English sentences. She loved to tour the neighborhood Christmas “yights.” Every meal we had to sing “Happy,” which means “Happy Birthday to Jesus!”

Vienna Praying

Joel Van Horn & Asher Ewald

Can we FaceTime?

From 1981 to 1995 we lived in Austria as missionaries. Since then Sharon has been able to visit and minister almost every year. Until 2014 Martin was able to go twice, but this year he was there to teach and pray three times. God is fulfilling our prayers and desires to see Austrians experiencing salvation and freedom and empowerment.

Having experienced many messages telling them they are inadequate, some of our Austrian friends are thrilled to see God using them as they bless people’s human spirit, revealing the pain and releasing the Lord’s good plan. We live here but through internet conversations on FaceTime we almost feel like we can be in Europe too.

In June Sharon attended the wedding of our good friends the Longstaffs’ grandson in England. From there she wound through the countryside on a bus ride to Cornwall and Wales in the west of Great Britain. There the Lord had a new experience for her and Janelle (from Evansville, Indiana). She lived through the daily rhythm of prayer at Ffald-y-Brenin, where the Lord’s presence comes into everyday life. They are the world center of Local Houses of Prayer, bringing blessing and salvation to local neighborhoods. Since then Sharon has found prepared people in USA who are making a difference where they live.

Son Joel Facetimed us after returning from vacation in Thailand with his girlfriend, Kendra Koch. He announced that he was engaged to be married (he asked her two times just to be sure). We congratulated them and found out the wedding date is in limbo. It’s going to be a “destination wedding.” (Mexico?)

Our times are in the Lord’s hands, not in ours.

On the February-March mission to Austria, Martin’s father, Franklin, was hospitalized with lung and heart difficulties. Martin, Sharon and Joel had visited him in a rehabilitation facility where he seemed to be getting stronger. Then at age 93 Frank passed into his Heavenly Father’s arms and Martin broke off the ministry to come back and speak at the funeral and comfort his mom (90) and family.

Young Living opens up new insights on God’s Creation healing oils

Dr. Rowntree from England showed us years ago the exotic desert trees that ooze their sap to provide Sacred Frankincense. All our lives we have heard of the Wise Men and their gifts, We learned how rare and how healing was this frankincense.

Now in 2014 we are personally benefiting from these trees God provided and Dr. Gary Young has been able to distill into highest quality essential oils. Not only do oils soothe the skin, but they stimulate the brain and strengthen our immune system. So many people are blessed by the oils and desiring to avoid side effects from medications that we are able to partner with them in business distributing Young Living oils. Maybe you would like to know more yourself.

Blessing the “ChemoBuddies” who bless patients undergoing chemotherapy

Sharon speaking to ChemoBuddies

Three years ago Jill’s sister received chemotherapy for breast cancer and noticed how cold and isolating the treatment room was. She dedicated her remaining time on earth to recruiting a team to accompany such patients so “no one would have to go through this alone.”

Sharon was invited to talk to the 35 ChemoBuddies who bring cheer and warm blankets and encouraging treats while they sit in the treatment room. She shared about trauma and comfort and gave them opportunity to share their feelings while bearing other people’s burdens.


You and I have a human spirit created by Father God and packed with good gifts (Hebrews 12). At the new birth we are unlocked and free for life in Christ, but we still have to unpack the good gifts. Sharon has found that our spirit has access to secrets that bring healing when Jesus is invited to come into the situation. Many have found their lives transformed by living out of a spirit-to-Spirit walk with the Lord. Then they go out and share their life-giving gifts.

When these spirit-led saints come together in Indiana, Kentucky or Austria in Europe, they find the gifts in one of them brings life to the spirit in another. And a group does not have to sit in the living room. They go out and bring healing and godly life to homes, towns and lands that have been oppressed by sin and spiritual darkness.

We were excited to see maturity and growth throughout 2014. Loretta joined us in January to share her insights on cleansing from the abominations that God hates. In February Pepi and Monika were at their lowest and spontaneously decided to fly to Louisville, where they were invigorated in their spirits and equipped with resources for the mission to foster families and connected to saints who continue to support their mission.

Praying for cleansing

In March Loretta joined Sharon and Martin to bring cleansing to cities and lands in Austria, where ancient murders and religions have left their oppressive marks. We asked God’s forgiveness and cleansing where Third Reich massacres had darkened the spiritual legacy in the lands. The presence of heaven was felt as the team blessed and legitimized the human spirits of Austrian saints who never knew how much Heavenly Father had packed into their lives. Sharon was invited to teach the Ruach team on trauma bonds to time before they ministered at the retreat.

Janelle was on the team invited to come back to Austria to train a group of some 40 saints in their spirit identities. The flow of life was like rain on dry ground. As Janelle and Sharon journeyed to Wales, they received an anointing and a commission at Ffald-y-Brenin retreat center. In Grace Outpouring you can read how the Lord sends needy people from all over the world to His “Sheepfold.” God has led the team to transform their communities by adding blessing to prayer. They use the illustration of an airplane needing two wings. Local Houses of Prayer and Blessing in Wales and Indiana and Oklahoma are seeing people and businesses prosper and people becoming aware that God cares about them.

Janelle at Conference 2014

Fall 2014 we saw people catching the vision of Local Houses of Prayer and Blessing in Indiana and Oklahoma. Families came together at Hubers Orchard for fellowship and to celebrate communion. We tried to tune in to God’s calendar, celebrating Rosh Hashana and observing Yom Kippur at the beginning of His year.

A November mission trip turned out to be a time for Martin and Sharon to consolidate a spirit-to-Spirit lifestyle with the Austrians. Pepi and Monika were comforted from the rebellion of their foster daughter running away in rebellion. We helped launch a spiritual team of ladies going into homes of needy people to serve them and to bless their spirits and homes. It was gratifying to see the Lord turn around a young man and his lifestyle as Sharon has been blessing him and his spirit for months.

We met Andrea 37 years ago when she was a bank teller and youth leader. She has maintained a friendship these years and has received the blessing of her spirit, but has been worn down by the oppression at her job for a financial consultant. After we spoke and prayed she sent a message saying, “On the way home I realized the connection between my spirit and God’s Spirit was there again. I had so much joy. Everything feels different: I have faith, hope and joy. I can change my world. Please write how to pray for my office so Jesus can bring liberation and life instead of oppression.”

Two years ago we prayed at Holy Cross Monastery (founded in 1133) before Manfred and Milena’s wedding, dedicating it back to Jesus Christ. Manfred brings the presence of the Holy Spirit every time he goes to work there. Now we have met a young professor of Spiritual Theology at the Papal College on campus. He was very approachable and accepted a copy of Martin’s book on heaven. God is at work!

Outreach Training

Every week we rejoice as we Facetime and hear how much the Lord is using Team Courage. The Austrians want more of God and so do we.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory

Joy overflowing bubbles up in our spirits when we see the Lord God faithful to His Body in Austria and finding ways to include us in His mighty work even though we left that country 19 years ago. He is up to something Big and we can hardly wait to see it.

Please pray as the Lord has opened a door of opportunity in 2015. Sharon and Martin are invited to speak to the Austrian Christian Doctors’ Association in May on the topic “Traumatization, Healing and Medicine.” A neurologist has said, “Traumatization is the mission field of the twenty first century.” Pray for our preparation and for the finances to come in. Thank you for your support.

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