January 2009

Happy New Year ! May God bless you this year with a greater depth of relationship with Him. May you experience His love, joy, and peace.

10-11 – Ministry Trip to Russell Springs – Sharon Van Horn & Kristi Frazier
Women’s Meeting
Sharon speaks at the morning service at Coffey Hill Friendship Church

February 2009

10-11 – Life Connections International Directors Prayer Retreat

19-25 – Dr. Anne Rowntree from England visits us in Louisville, Kentucky

21-22 – Ministry Trip to Russell Springs to minister to the women with Anne Rowntree, Johnyne
Rees from Texas, Kristi Frazier, and Sharon Van Horn

March 2009

21 -22 – Sharon travels to Connecticut for Church and Ministry Board Meetings

25 – Sharon flies to Vienna, Austria for three weeks of ministry – Please pray for health, God’s
agenda, strength, wisdom, and provision

April 2009

17 – Sharon returns to the USA

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