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Austria Ministry Trip – Spring 2015

The Invitation:

ARCHAE – The Christian Doctors Association of Austria and ISODOS – a Network of Christian Health Professionals in Austria have invited us to speak at their Conference at Hotel Schütterhof near Schladming, Austria.

ARCHAE Austria is a non-denominational Association of Christian Doctors, who want to be led in their profession through their faith in Jesus Christ They have been in existence since 1987 and are members of the worldwide Christian Doctor’s Organization, ICMDA (International Christian  Medical and Dental Association).

Together with their Partner, ISODOS they are buiding a Health Network in Austria with the main focus being on their work as Doctors and medical students. They are also interested in connecting with families and  Christians from other areas in Healthtcare.

The Time and Location:

On May 8th – 10th, 2015, we will travel to The Hotel Schuetterhof, which is located almost in the middle of the four mountains that form the Schladming ski area with of a view of the “Dachstein” Mountain.

Schuetterhof Hotel

The Topics:

These Health professionals along with their families gather each year to be refreshed and have fellowship with each other and to receive new insights and tools to apply to their ministry in Healthcare.

They believe that every one of us has experienced trauma in the course of our lives whether it is in childhood or in the framework of their Medical Practices. These traumas can deeply impact them and affect their relationship with their patients

The weekend will provide help for them to get help themselves

and give them new tools to deal with traumas and resolve them in better ways in their Medical practices on a daily basis.

They are looking forward to seeing one another and learning how to experience a life characterized by resolving trauma and experiencing freedom and healing.

They have invited a Christian Psychologist, Dr. Reinhard Pichler, to speak on the effects of Trauma on Doctors and Healthcare Professionals and how they can be reconciled to God in this process.

Our part is to speak on practical ways to resolve trauma on the journey to healing and wholeness.  We will speak on the topics of invisible influences affecting us, how to overcome the “Victim Spirit and Mindset”, the effects of spiritual, emotional and physical trauma and becoming synchronized in our hearts to Jesus Christ through “Immanuel Moments” and the “Heart Sync Model of Ministry”.

Please Pray and Bless This Strategic Time:

  • For health and safety
  • For God to prepare all of our hearts for what He has planned
  • For personal experiences with God
  • For release of trauma and its effects
  • For freedom and healing for the participants
  • For great fellowship in the presence of God
  • For facility of expression in the German language
  • For “Divine Appointments” and experiences for the participants
  • For lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God in Austria amongst the Doctors and Healthcare professionals

Our Itinerary:

  • Flight from Louisville, KY to Newark, NJ – April 29th
  • Flight from Newark, NJ to Vienna, Austria – April 29th
  • Arrive Vienna, Austria – April 30th
  • Local Houses of Prayer Training – May 2nd
  • Ministry to TEAM COURAGE – Teambuilding  – April 30th– May 8th
  • ARCHAE – ISODOS Conference in Schladming  – May 8th – 10th
  • Continued Ministry with TEAM COURAGE building their Team  – May 11th – 14th
  • Dr. Sharnael Wolverton and husband David from Swiftfire Ministries and Young Living arrive in Vienna – May 14th
  • Seminar in Wiener Neustadt on “Quantum Healing and Essential Oils” with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton – May 15th
  • Sharing time with Dr. Sharnael and local Doctors and Health Professionals – May 16th
  • Sharnael and David return to the USA – May 17th
  • Martin returns to the USA – May 19th
  • Sharon returns to the USA – May 27th

Please join us in prayer in agreement with all God has prepared for this time.

  • Pray He will prepare us and give us safety and health as we all travel
  • Pray for “Divine Appointments”
  • Pray for a release for the Austrians to experience God’s presence, joy and blessing
  • Pray for the Training for the Local Houses of Prayer (LHOP) – We have done trainings in Oklahoma, Indiana. Kansas, and Alabama with wonderful responses. You can learn more about this at: and on our Facebook Group: and
  • Pray for TEAM COURAGE as they continue to expand their vision to minister to Foster Families and bring the ‘Reign and Rule of the Lord Jesus Christ” to this part of their culture that desperately needs hope and resources as so many children have been traumatized.  Pepi and Monika have five Foster children.hey work together with Dr. Andi Baumgartner and his wife, Annette, who regularly pray for healing for their patients. You can learn more   about them at:
  • Pray for the Seminar Evening on with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton, ND on “Quantum Healing and Essential Oils” in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Pray for God to bring believers and unbelievers to experience all God is and offers to them.


Dr. Andi & Annette Baumgartner and Pepi & Monika Fertinger

Seminar On Quantum Healing With Essential Oils in Wiener Neustadt With Dr. Sharnael Wolverton From Swiftfire Ministries:

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton, ND

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton, Doctor of Naturopathy, from Denham Springs, Louisiana will give a Seminar in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, on “The Healing Property of Essential Oils and Quantumenergetics.”

The Seminar will be held on Friday, May 15th from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the Erloesungskirche, Brunnerstrasse 5-7, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

As a college student Sharnael studied Bible and theology and had many spiritual experiences. She pursued her interest in healing through Bible and experience. According to modern research the historical record of using essential oils is justified as we explore their chemical makeup and people use them personally.

In modern times naturopathy has rediscovered the ancient art of applying these oils. They show evidence of cleansing for body and soul, of restoration of bodily functions and the brain, and of energizing spirit and soul. Dr. Wolverton remains in contact with the results of scientific research and has many experience with their use in naturopathic methods. Even animals profit by application of the essential oils.

We look forward to how God will reach people, who know the Lord already and those, who He is calling to be healed by His love, grace and truth. We look forward to all God has planned for this Seminar Evening.

We Appreciate You

We appreciate your partnership in prayer for this ministry assignment. Pease let us know how we can pray for you.  Let us know if God gives you anything for us as well and if you would like to receive updates while we are in Austria.

Thank you for your support as we travel on this assignment. Prayer and financial support are appreciated in any way God leads you.

Love & Blessings,

Martin & Sharon Van Horn

Martin & Sharon Van Horn

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