Each of you has a unique contribution to make for growth in love and knowledge.

  • As you read  the Bible, meditate and act on it,  you gain new experience.
  • You change your thinking.
  • As you hear other people share what they have read and experienced, you grow.
  • We all grow up together.
  • As you pray,  God answers.
  • He is faithful to his holy character and his Word.
  • You are surprised and grateful.
  • You love Him more and want other people to know and love Him too.

Please send us your stories  (150-200 words maximum). We reserve the right to include or edit  them with

your  permission.  Please let us know if and how you want to be identified. Either way, we are grateful for your

stories and will pray for you.

Thanks …. and God bless you!!!

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