Human Life… flows through our human body – from cell to cell, head to toe,  thought to thought.

Social Life… envigorates by connecting  us with people who stimulate and encourage.

Spirtual Life… flows from God’s Spirit to our spirit.  This is the  Creator’s design built into us and the world we know.

God is constantly giving Life -sharing Himself with His creatures. He wants to connect with people to make them a part of His family. Real life is knowing God and Jesus Christ His Son He has sent

Life Connections International, Inc.

A Ministry helping people to know and experience God personally and encouraging them to have life-giving realtionships with others. through modeling, community building, mentoring, teaching, ministry trips , seminars and retreats

We hope you will experience real Life and also take advantage of information, resources, and services on our website.

Life Connections International Offers….

Relationship and Marriage Education, Crisis Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling, Mediation, Life Coaching  BibleTeaching,Training, Mentoring, Community Building, Ministry Trips, Seminars and Retreats

Life Connections International, Inc., is a 501(c)3 tax deductible charitable and religious Kentucky corporation under the World Ministry Fellowship, Plano, Texas.

Heart Connections …. Relationship Building

… especially for those who want to grow in relationships
and learn how to communicate and resolve conflicts.

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Life Connections International
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