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Austria Worship Wedding

Milena & Manfred Wedding

When Martin and Sharon were married in Vestal Center, New York, they asked the pastor to present the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to the family and visitors attending. This June we were invited to do the same for friends in Austria. Manfred and Milena had already been married in a civil ceremony 20 years ago. Now they had experienced the salvation in Jesus and wanted to be married a second time with a Christian ceremony. They invited 70 friends and family to hear the Good News. Milena and friends made all the invitations, the table decorations and the banquet buffet. They invited Martin and Sharon to tell the honored guests about this same Good News.

Milena made the decorations to honor the Lord & their guest

Before the ceremony Sharon and Martin, Manfred and Milena, Gerhard and Maria, and Christine met in the Keller Stuberl (vaulted cellar dining room) to dedicate the time and place to the Lord Jesus Christ and to sanctify it from all worldly powers. The two hour program was mostly a concert and worship service with a Gospel wedding ceremony in the middle. Friends and family played music and sang. The children sang a prayer of blessing for the couple. Manfred and Milena testified of their love to one another and he sang to his bride.

Ben Karlsson's saxophone solo
The children bless the couple

Thank you to all of you who prayed. We believe there will be a lasting influence at Heiligenkreuz Cloister through the dedication and through Manfred’s continuing witness there. Milena has told us of many opportunities to share and pray with neighbors and acquaintances. In August she helps run a children’s Bible camp in Bulgaria. God bless you!

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