Introducing: Martin & Sharon Van Horn

Called originally to the Connecticut Shoreline in 1976 to plant a Gospel-preaching church in Madison, we have been back since 1995, after 14 years in Austria, Europe, doing mission work. Life Connections has been teaching and encouraging people in Connecticut and Europe since 2001.

We have kept up connections to friends in England and Austria, traveling annually to preach, teach and counsel as they have invited us.

In the Summer of 2005, our daughter Rebekka accompanied Sharon to Scunthorpe, England where the Longstaffs have a powerful outreach in worship, deliverance and mercy. We know of no one better to pray God for a blessing on Bekka and her own ministry.

From Scunthorpe, Sharon was invited across the River Humber to New Life Church and The Vineyard Church in Kingston upon Hull. Many women responded to the Inner & Outer Beauty Outreach that Sharon had developed while we were still working in Austria.

Our son, Joel, took time off from his web programming job near Washington, DC, to visit his old friends, David & Audrey Longstaff and their daughter, Helen and her family. He and Bekka grew up enjoying their love and great cooking.

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