Sharon and Loretta present new workshops

Wednesday, October 5th, Loretta Brown and I will drive to Connecticutfor four days of ministry. We will be speaking at a Retreat for leaders in Gaylordsville on Friday and Saturday and spending time with individuals.
We will be traveling to Evansville, Indiana for ministry from October 13-16thand would appreciate your prayers for that time as well
Our theme and topics for these Ministry times are:

Free To Live Out Your Divine Design and Purpose in God’s Kingdom:

“Discovering and Releasing the Treasures in You and in the Land”

An Opportunity to be Equipped with Practical Tools for Your Life

God is a “Success “and He will make you “successful.“in His eyes. How was

He successful? He succeeded in paying for your life in exchanging His son

for you. You are redeemed from sin, death, and failure. He is reconciled to

you by the price Jesus paid. He waits for you to be reconciled to Him.

(2. Corinthians 5) If you accept Jesus payment for your life, you are no longer

labeled as a “sinner” to Him. You are a “saint”, holy and accepted by God. He

has planned for your “today” from Eternity past. He makes all His resources

available to you for you to be successful today…. His Word, your human spirit,

His presence, this planet, and this time.

Outline of Topics:

1. Discovering God’s Divine Design for You

2. Getting Your God-given Human Spirit “Up and Running”

3. Beyond Healing–Gaining Authority in the Broken Parts of Your Life

4. A New Way to Think About Time and Land –God’s Partners in Redemption

5. Walking Out Your Purpose in the Kingdom of God

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