Austria Mission, September 2010

Got here safely and had a good trip. Sat next to two young boys – 7 and 9 who are
English and live with their mom in Austria. They were visiting their Dad in New York.
They were pretty wired – ate almost whole bag of candy and played video games.
The 7 year old got sick and I had to take him back to the WC. The AUA crew was
glad for my help.

I am telling you this story because I think it is significant especially as it relates to everyday life. I believe “My times are in God’s hand”. As I desire each day to synchronize with Him and to fit into His agenda rather than mine, I experience things I may never have chosen for myself. I did not have two young boys, who needed help on my agenda, but God did. My agenda would have been a quiet plane trip where I could rest, relax and unwind from a busy schedule from the past couple of weeks. It would have been a time for me to be quiet and prepare my heart for the ministry God had planned for me in Austria.

God put these two boys right in my world for eight plus hours and gave me grace to be able to pray for them and  help in a time of need. I will not know what the effects of this time will be, but I prayed for them as God led me for them to know the Lord personally and for their lives to be blessed by His presence. Even though the thought ran through my mind,” I probably will never see them again”, who knows? Perhaps my prayers will be answered and I will see them again in Heaven and we can reminisce about the plane ride and what a great God we have, who puts two boys together with a woman from Kentucky on her way to Austria to pray for them to know Him. That would truly be wonderful!

I finished the flight by taking Jack and Noah to the door where the flight attendant took them to meet their Mom.

I continue to think about them and pray for them. If you think of them, please pray for them too.

Had a great first day. Went for a walk with Maria and Gerhard and had some good
talks. Slept for 5 hours after arrival and am up now at 3:30 AM jet – lagging. Do not
have to be anywhere until 6:00 tomorrow evening. – Milena’s women’s group.

Women in Ministry in Austria

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