Flying Home after 31 days of ministry

Time to Fly Home

Dear Friends,
Warm Greetings from Vienna Airport. I am waiting to board the plane and head to New York City arriving later this afternoon.
It has been 31 days since I arrived here. The time has gone by very fast and each day has been filled with God’s agenda which has not always been easy. He gives grace and strength and is with me in all He has planned.
The days have been filled with a variety of opportunities and activities.


One such opportunity was yesterday when I met with a couple, whose relationship had disintegrated over the past few years. After 30 plus years of marriage, they came for help to determine if there was still hope for them.
I told them there is hope because God established marriage and wants it to last. He is involved in the covenant they have made and can help them to find resolution to conflicts as well as give them new love and understanding for each other.
We began the session and God moved in the husband’s heart to reveal to him that he had developed a pattern of thinking in categories of “right and wrong”. He  felt he had to judge everything including his wife accordingly. There were great walls built up between them and lots of pain and disappointment.
He had not realized until yesterday how much his thinking affected his feelings and relationship with his wife. He prayed and asked God to forgive him and also aked his wife to do the same.
His whole countenance changed as he was freed from a great burden to be the “judge” in so many areas of the relationship. His wife cried tears of joy to see him free from the burden he had carried and brought into their relationship for so many years.
We continued for another couple of hours discussing ways they could spend quality time and grow together in spirit,
soul, and body. We practiced talking and listening to understand and ways to resolve conflicts.
They still have work to do, but God met them where they were and gave them hope. My heart was full of joy and gratitude as I watched the “‘King” move with such love, wisdom, and grace to transform a relationship filled with pain and disappointment into one with hope. Please continue to pray for this couple in the days ahead.


Thank you for your part in this ministry as you have prayed during this assignment.
Please continue to pray for all of the seeds planted here, that God will continue to water and protect them.
Pray for my re-entry into the United States and back home to Kentucky.
I will send a report of more of what God has done. I am grateful for your partnership in prayer for this ministry. May God bless you with His joy, revelation, and love.

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