Austria Worship Wedding

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Milena & Manfred Wedding

When Martin and Sharon were married in Vestal Center, New York, they asked the pastor to present the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to the family and visitors attending. This June we were invited to do the same for friends in Austria. Manfred and Milena had already been married in a civil ceremony 20 years ago. Now they had experienced the salvation in Jesus and wanted to be married a second time with a Christian ceremony. They invited 70 friends and family to hear the Good News. Milena and friends made all the invitations, the table decorations and the banquet buffet. They invited Martin and Sharon to tell the honored guests about this same Good News.

Milena made the decorations to honor the Lord & their guest

Before the ceremony Sharon and Martin, Manfred and Milena, Gerhard and Maria, and Christine met in the Keller Stuberl (vaulted cellar dining room) to dedicate the time and place to the Lord Jesus Christ and to sanctify it from all worldly powers. The two hour program was mostly a concert and worship service with a Gospel wedding ceremony in the middle. Friends and family played music and sang. The children sang a prayer of blessing for the couple. Manfred and Milena testified of their love to one another and he sang to his bride.

Ben Karlsson's saxophone solo

The children bless the couple

Thank you to all of you who prayed. We believe there will be a lasting influence at Heiligenkreuz Cloister through the dedication and through Manfred’s continuing witness there. Milena has told us of many opportunities to share and pray with neighbors and acquaintances. In August she helps run a children’s Bible camp in Bulgaria. God bless you!

Sharon and Loretta present new workshops

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Wednesday, October 5th, Loretta Brown and I will drive to Connecticutfor four days of ministry. We will be speaking at a Retreat for leaders in Gaylordsville on Friday and Saturday and spending time with individuals.
We will be traveling to Evansville, Indiana for ministry from October 13-16thand would appreciate your prayers for that time as well
Our theme and topics for these Ministry times are:

Free To Live Out Your Divine Design and Purpose in God’s Kingdom:

“Discovering and Releasing the Treasures in You and in the Land”

An Opportunity to be Equipped with Practical Tools for Your Life

God is a “Success “and He will make you “successful.“in His eyes. How was

He successful? He succeeded in paying for your life in exchanging His son

for you. You are redeemed from sin, death, and failure. He is reconciled to

you by the price Jesus paid. He waits for you to be reconciled to Him.

(2. Corinthians 5) If you accept Jesus payment for your life, you are no longer

labeled as a “sinner” to Him. You are a “saint”, holy and accepted by God. He

has planned for your “today” from Eternity past. He makes all His resources

available to you for you to be successful today…. His Word, your human spirit,

His presence, this planet, and this time.

Outline of Topics:

1. Discovering God’s Divine Design for You

2. Getting Your God-given Human Spirit “Up and Running”

3. Beyond Healing–Gaining Authority in the Broken Parts of Your Life

4. A New Way to Think About Time and Land –God’s Partners in Redemption

5. Walking Out Your Purpose in the Kingdom of God

Flying Home after 31 days of ministry

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Time to Fly Home

Dear Friends,
Warm Greetings from Vienna Airport. I am waiting to board the plane and head to New York City arriving later this afternoon.
It has been 31 days since I arrived here. The time has gone by very fast and each day has been filled with God’s agenda which has not always been easy. He gives grace and strength and is with me in all He has planned.
The days have been filled with a variety of opportunities and activities.


One such opportunity was yesterday when I met with a couple, whose relationship had disintegrated over the past few years. After 30 plus years of marriage, they came for help to determine if there was still hope for them.
I told them there is hope because God established marriage and wants it to last. He is involved in the covenant they have made and can help them to find resolution to conflicts as well as give them new love and understanding for each other.
We began the session and God moved in the husband’s heart to reveal to him that he had developed a pattern of thinking in categories of “right and wrong”. He  felt he had to judge everything including his wife accordingly. There were great walls built up between them and lots of pain and disappointment.
He had not realized until yesterday how much his thinking affected his feelings and relationship with his wife. He prayed and asked God to forgive him and also aked his wife to do the same.
His whole countenance changed as he was freed from a great burden to be the “judge” in so many areas of the relationship. His wife cried tears of joy to see him free from the burden he had carried and brought into their relationship for so many years.
We continued for another couple of hours discussing ways they could spend quality time and grow together in spirit,
soul, and body. We practiced talking and listening to understand and ways to resolve conflicts.
They still have work to do, but God met them where they were and gave them hope. My heart was full of joy and gratitude as I watched the “‘King” move with such love, wisdom, and grace to transform a relationship filled with pain and disappointment into one with hope. Please continue to pray for this couple in the days ahead.


Thank you for your part in this ministry as you have prayed during this assignment.
Please continue to pray for all of the seeds planted here, that God will continue to water and protect them.
Pray for my re-entry into the United States and back home to Kentucky.
I will send a report of more of what God has done. I am grateful for your partnership in prayer for this ministry. May God bless you with His joy, revelation, and love.

Austria Mission, September 2010

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Got here safely and had a good trip. Sat next to two young boys – 7 and 9 who are
English and live with their mom in Austria. They were visiting their Dad in New York.
They were pretty wired – ate almost whole bag of candy and played video games.
The 7 year old got sick and I had to take him back to the WC. The AUA crew was
glad for my help.

I am telling you this story because I think it is significant especially as it relates to everyday life. I believe “My times are in God’s hand”. As I desire each day to synchronize with Him and to fit into His agenda rather than mine, I experience things I may never have chosen for myself. I did not have two young boys, who needed help on my agenda, but God did. My agenda would have been a quiet plane trip where I could rest, relax and unwind from a busy schedule from the past couple of weeks. It would have been a time for me to be quiet and prepare my heart for the ministry God had planned for me in Austria.

God put these two boys right in my world for eight plus hours and gave me grace to be able to pray for them and  help in a time of need. I will not know what the effects of this time will be, but I prayed for them as God led me for them to know the Lord personally and for their lives to be blessed by His presence. Even though the thought ran through my mind,” I probably will never see them again”, who knows? Perhaps my prayers will be answered and I will see them again in Heaven and we can reminisce about the plane ride and what a great God we have, who puts two boys together with a woman from Kentucky on her way to Austria to pray for them to know Him. That would truly be wonderful!

I finished the flight by taking Jack and Noah to the door where the flight attendant took them to meet their Mom.

I continue to think about them and pray for them. If you think of them, please pray for them too.

Had a great first day. Went for a walk with Maria and Gerhard and had some good
talks. Slept for 5 hours after arrival and am up now at 3:30 AM jet – lagging. Do not
have to be anywhere until 6:00 tomorrow evening. – Milena’s women’s group.

Women in Ministry in Austria

English Team in October, 2010

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Dr. Anne Rowntree visiting Kentucky

Three English ladies ministering in October, 2010

Anne Rowntree has come from England many times to share the things God has taught her. We have appreciated learning about God cleansing land, like ending the drought in Kenya, and about the God-given human spirit we have received.

This year her pastor, Brenda Taylor, and daughter/worship leader, Juliette Dawn, will be coming with her October 22 – 30.

They will be leading worship in Cane Ridge, Kentucky, where God sent revival for the Second Great Awakening.

Brenda has developed a Worship Experience based on the components of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (Book of Exodus) and will be leading us through this experience in a Louisville church.

Julie writes and performs worship songs and shares her poetry.

The three of them will be ministering in Madisonville, Owensboro and Russell Springs, Kentucky, as well as Evansville, Indiana.

Contact us for further information.

Brenda and Roy Taylor at Junction 28 Church, England

Family: Rebekka Van Horn Receives Master’s Degree

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May 2006 marked the pinnacle of Bekka’s academic career. She received the Master’s degree in English from Southern Connecticut State University.

She wants to help young people overcome difficulties in their lives and as her research project she found out reasons why high school graduates do not do well in college writing. Because of her hard work & excellent recommendations from the faculty, she was chosen by Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut, to be the Writing Specialist for the inauguration of Thames Academy, designed to help a group 0f 30 students bridge the gap from high school to college. She will be able to use all she has learned & be stretched herself, trying to help these young people with disabilities.

Introducing: Martin & Sharon Van Horn

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Called originally to the Connecticut Shoreline in 1976 to plant a Gospel-preaching church in Madison, we have been back since 1995, after 14 years in Austria, Europe, doing mission work. Life Connections has been teaching and encouraging people in Connecticut and Europe since 2001.

We have kept up connections to friends in England and Austria, traveling annually to preach, teach and counsel as they have invited us.

In the Summer of 2005, our daughter Rebekka accompanied Sharon to Scunthorpe, England where the Longstaffs have a powerful outreach in worship, deliverance and mercy. We know of no one better to pray God for a blessing on Bekka and her own ministry.

From Scunthorpe, Sharon was invited across the River Humber to New Life Church and The Vineyard Church in Kingston upon Hull. Many women responded to the Inner & Outer Beauty Outreach that Sharon had developed while we were still working in Austria.

Our son, Joel, took time off from his web programming job near Washington, DC, to visit his old friends, David & Audrey Longstaff and their daughter, Helen and her family. He and Bekka grew up enjoying their love and great cooking.